Turning Points – Happy Varitek anniversary


A-Rod never looked better.

10 years ago today everything in the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry started to change.  It was right here that the Red Sox finally seemed to turn the corner.

The Red Sox were down early in the game and then the fight happened.  It wasn’t just the fight and its emotions.  What made the game significant is that the Red Sox had been under performing all year (at that moment they didn’t own the Wild Card) and were losing in the game as well (which actually was not going to happen because bad weather when the Red Sox insisted the field was ready to go) then they rallied to win the game.   From that rally, which was triggered by the fight, the team pulled together, made the playoffs and then of course won the World Series.

Life is about turning points and how you react to them.  July 24, 2004 was a turning point for the Red Sox and they made the most of it.  May all of us have these kind of turning points and may we all be able to make the most of them.

What Is Political Courage

Many people say political courage is dead.  It is easy to get discouraged when you see leaders taking the easy way out and throwing empty platitudes for cheap applause.   However when you read this letter it should boost your spirits.  I am sure the mayor’s decision was not an easy one and surely he’ll take some crap over it.   But isn’t standing up under tough circumstances what courage is all about?

The Broken Clock Is Finally Right

Soccer-hating anorexic Ann Coulter is actually talking some sense, although in her usually bitter way, to Republic Chris McDaniel and his supporters who are contesting McDaniel’s run-off loss to Thad Cochran.   She is right when he says no-one likes a sore loser and that given Cochran’s age McDaniel will have another chance to run for the seat in just 6 years, then probably not against an incumbent.

Of course Coulter still clings to the myths that Bob Dornan and Richard Nixon had their 1996 and 1960 races stolen from them.  I guess some people really can hold a grudge.



The Most Underrated Event of 1964

People have been looking back and celebrating many of the events of 1964.  The 50th anniversary of things like the Civil Rights Act, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution plunging the U.S. into Vietnam, or the Beatles on Ed Sullivan certainly should be commemorated.  However there seems to very little being talked about the Goldwater campaign.  It was a big turning point in American politics that would have a deep and lasting impact.


Were they bigger than Goldwater?

Far from simply being a presidential campaign it represented the beginning of the rise of conservatism.  That was the by far the biggest political story of the last half century and its effects will be felt for years to come in the types of laws that are passed or are not passed.  If you don’t believe me look at how LBJ campaigned in 1964, does anyone think the Democrats would’ve won over the last 50 years being that supportive of government activism.  Even President Obama cannot be that vocally in favor of activist government.  The reason for that began in 1964 with Goldwater’s campaign.

Come on, this deserves at least as much coverage as the guys who sang “She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”


Please Stop Saying Establishment or Moderate Republicans

When talking about fights between different factions of the GOP there is a tendency to say that it’s the Tea Party v. the Establishment, or conservatives v. moderates.  This is simply laziness on the party of talking heads.   The reality is that in the fight between different GOP factions there are no moderates.  As for someone being part of the so-called establishment this is what the fight is about.  Right now there is no establishment controlling the party.  Deciding who that establishment is and where they will take the party is what the party is all about.


It’s my party and I’ll gesture if I want to.

So if they aren’t moderates or the establishment, who is the opposition to the Tea Party?  They are Bush-Republicans.

Why?  Because they are pushing the former-President’s policies.   Don’t believe me, let’s review.  They are for an aggressive foreign policy (especially in the Middle East), favor increased military spending, support immigration reform, while they oppose Obamacare are in no rush to repeal the Bush prescription drug benefit, opposes cap and trade, support banning abortion,  oppose gun control measures like the assault weapons ban,  are against more regulations on Wall Street or businesses, back state’s banning gay marriage, oppose legalizing drugs, favor Common Core and NCLB.

While this is not libertarian, it is also a mistake to say it’s centrist or moderate.  Instead they are another shade of conservatism.  This is the conservatism of AEI, the Heritage Foundation, or the Wall Street Journal editorial page.  Are any of those moderate, centrist, or anything but conservative?

By calling them moderates or the establishment it creates the false impression that these positions are some how moderate or in the center of American politics.  If reporters were smart they would move away from painting one side the GOP fight as moderate and describe more accurately as the type of conservatives they really are – right in the model of George W. Bush.